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Transfer your files thinking about Earth


Every action counts to reduce our impact!

Each FileVert feature is designed
to reduce the digital carbon footprint of your use.

Configurable offers

Moderate digital consumption

When the digital service becomes the regulator

A subscription offer that adjusts to each individual's usage

FileVert adopts the philosophy of consumption per use for its eco-designed file transfer offer. In concrete terms, the user now only pays for what he consumes. This is a real first in a sector that is considered a major energy consumer, both in terms of extraction of non-renewable natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions due to uncontrolled use.

Send files and folders

2 GB for 48 hours per transfer in free version and without registration

Sending files or folders

Drop your files or folders from their locations on your computer and click "Send". Your download link is created without any settings and can be pasted anywhere.

Digital best practices

Thanks to the FileVert impact calculator, each transfer contributes to improving digital uses on a large scale.

A fully configurable PRO offer adapted to all sectors

See advanced features

Transfer according to your needs

FileVert adapts to the temporary storage needs of all sectors and offers unique impact and budget control leverage.

Optional Outlook plugin

Send FileVert directly from your Outlook email to reduce the environmental impact of your online storage. Add this link in Outlook in your add-ins:



Restrict access to your public transfers

See advanced features

Associate a password with your transfers

You can secure access to your file transfer by adding a password by clicking on the "lock" icon on your upload form. Define your password, confirm it and validate by clicking on the "Save" button. Only you will know the password associated with your file transfer. It is up to you to communicate it to your contacts and recipients to access the files.

Direct deletion

Deletion as soon as the download is complete

See advanced features

Reduce storage time to a minimum

This option makes the transfer more ecological by drastically limiting the duration of storage of the files on our servers and provides an additional guarantee of security.

Transfer management

Transfers and status

See advanced features

My activity

By accessing your personal space "My profile", you can consult your consumption and that of each member of your organisation: the amount of data transferred, the estimated electricity consumption, the CO2 emissions generated and saved.

My sharings

In the "Sending" and "Receiving" tabs, you can consult all your sent and received files, as well as their status: Active or Deleted. This table also allows you to delete your current transfers so that they are inaccessible to your recipients at any time.

My account

My information

See advanced features

Edit my information

In the "My profile" tab you can change your personal or company information by clicking on "Edit". You can change your password by clicking on "Change my password". A confirmation email will be sent to the address associated with the account.

My current subscriptions

When you join FileVert the "Subscriptions" section is available in your personal space. This page lists your active subscriptions and the associated invoices. As a team leader, you can have several active subscription lines.

Team management

For a collective and controlled approach

See advanced features

Role of the team leader

When you subscribe you become a team leader, you can adjust your subscription and add additional user accounts linked to your account and manage access according to your needs. Your members have access to all the benefits of your account and can customize their FileVert page independently or not.

Build your teams

Your collaborators can join your FileVert account with a simple invitation link. Each team leader can have a maximum of 100 users in management. However the creation of team leaders is not limited but the email addresses must be different.

Custom page (global or per account)

FileVert to suit your image

See advanced features

Logo and Wallpaper

You have the possibility to add your logo, to choose the mood of your choice or to add a wallpaper. The "reset" button allows you to return to the initial configuration of FileVert or your team leader if you are a member of a team.

Announcement text

The addition of your message and external link is accessible from the "My personalized page" tab. Press "Save" and reload the page to take into account the changes made.

Try FileVert for 7 days

RSS Feed

Your latest news broadcasted at each transfer

See advanced features

A sober connection to your information flow

From the tab "Profile" section "Customized page", you can synchronize your RSS feed (Title, description of 500 characters, and external link) in order to dynamically broadcast your latest news to your recipients.

Private transfers

Confidential transfers between your team members

See advanced features

Private download page

Activated in 1 click from your file upload form, the private transfer option restricts access to your download pages to people outside your company. When unwanted users access the download page, an authentication request is required to access the files. The private transfer function can be combined with password protection.

Transfer Listing Api

The exchange flows of your organization

See advanced features

The exhaustive list of files sent and received

Intended for CIOs / IT managers, this function is useful in case of regular audits. The transfer listing API provides access to your organization's share history.

Consumption balance

Exporting your consumption report

See advanced features

Another step towards reducing carbon emissions

The global consumption follow-up can be exported by each team leader in XLS format in the "Activity" tab and via the "Export my consumption report" button. It gathers the information of each sending/receiving carried out and the estimate of the associated energy consumption.

Affiliate program

Benefit from the creation of Team Leaders

See advanced features

An affiliate link for all FileVert accounts

Each FileVert member can give a 5% discount to all new Team Leaders with an annual subscription. Ideal if you have partners, subsidiaries or if you want to create teams by activity.

Why is FileVert Virtuous ?

FileVert is a French platform eco-designed in a sober and eco-responsible approach. Its objective is to allow everyone to transfer files using the least amount of resources while being aware of the impact of its digital uses. To ensure that each transfer is made conscientiously, we estimate the volume of data transmitted and evaluate the equivalent gCO2 emitted in sending, storing and receiving.

General matters



How to support FileVert ?

Without even having a user account on our platform, you can support us and our values by sharing our information.

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Become a FileVert user

One of the best ways to support FileVert and our environmental action is to use our platform every day.

Recommend FileVert

Your convictions and your actions are powerful vectors. Talk about Filevert on your website, your blog, your business pages and your networks.

Mention FileVert in your CSR commitments

Whatever your activity, you can inform your third parties of your use of FileVert as a virtuous file transfer solution in your CSR commitments.