Eco-friendly and virtuous file transfer guide with FileVert

FileVert allows you to send and share your files in an eco-friendly way in a secure, ephemeral, eco-responsible and virtuous way.

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A precursor to digital ecology awareness

Your files are hosted in France and your energy consumption is controlled and understood. In this way, we contribute to raising awareness of the challenges of digital pollution.

Focused on digital sobriety, FileVert is committed to making your uses evolve in a fair and ecological way.

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1Adding files or folders

Add your files from their location on your computer.

Formulaire de transfert - FileVert

2Recipient Input

Fill in your recipient's information if necessary.

Formulaire de confirmation - FileVert

3Send your files

Your transfer takes place immediately!

Utilisateur FileVert

In turn, by informing their recipients of more virtuous uses for the planet, users spread the message widely. Prefer FileVert is a responsible choice.

Free file sending and without registration or email

With FileVert, non-subscribed users can send large files for free up to 2 GB per upload by getting a download link, all as quickly as possible without having to register or enter their email address.

What is the interest in FileVert? Thanks to their sharing, these non-subscribed users do a good deed and contribute to reinforce the raison d'être of FileVert: to move towards a more digitally sober society.

See the 6 reasons to prefer FileVert

Why is FileVert virtuous?

FileVert is an eco-designed portal that is committed to ensuring that each transfer is a responsible gesture: by estimating the volumes of data transmitted, your transfers are analyzed in a meter that evaluates the gCO2 emitted in sending and receiving.

How does FileVert apply this template? What does the calculation tool do?

The calculation tool records the amount of data transferred, the transfer time and the type of terminal used, It converts this data into power consumption,
It transforms this consumption and estimates the CO2 emissions.The objective of the meter? To give everyone the means to become aware of the impact of their digital habits and gradually change their use of available technologies.

A service adapted to companies of all sizes.

With FileVert Pro and Solidarity you can send large files and even transmit complete folders of up to 20 GB per sending to your recipients. In addition to features adapted to professionals, your transfers are used to finance projects committed to environmental protection.

Because at FileVert we believe that all means are good to act, we use these processes to do so: carbon offsetting with Goodplanet, corporate philanthropy to targeted associations.

A service adapted to the most accurate use that contributes to more digital sobriety.

Files will be available 48 hours as a non-subscribed user and 15 days as a FileVert member. FileVert has voluntarily chosen to limit the storage period of the files hosted on its servers to the strict minimum: 48 hours of storage is the period proposed in the free formula.

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5 good reasons to limit the storage time of a file

The 5 good reasons to limit the storage time of a :

  • Saving energy:
  • Prevent files from being stored unnecessarily
  • Avoid reminder e-mails
  • Sensitize users and enable them to raise awareness in turn among their entourage
  • Allowing everyone to adopt the right reflexes little by little

Data center FileVert

What we don't do, because it's more environmentally friendly.

  • No rush for data volume,
  • No long-term storage,
  • No preview or file streaming,
  • No abusive notifications.

Make a transfer

Add files

To start and add files or folders to send, you must click on the "Drag and Drop File" button or directly drag and drop your files onto the button. In the upload form, you can add additional files to be uploaded by clicking on the "add files" or "add folder" button.

Get a sharing link

After adding your files, the upload form will ask you to generate a sharing link that you can provide to your recipients via the "Get a link" tab. Once the upload has been validated, you can copy the link to your clipboard to integrate it wherever you want. You can also use the "mailto" button to integrate the generated link directly into the body of a new e-mail. A practical feature and a real time saver for the user!

Send by email: Add the emails of your contacts
(FileVert Pro and Solidarity only)

In the sending form, you can add the e-mail addresses of your recipients via the "Send by e-mail" tab where you can enter the e-mail addresses of your recipients up to a limit of 20 per sending. Validate the entry of a contact's e-mail address by adding a "space" between each address or by pressing the "Enter" key on your keyboard. You can cancel the entry of an e-mail address by clicking on the dedicated delete button.

Add a transfer name (optional)

You can specify a subject to your transfers so that your recipients can identify them more easily. The chosen transfer name will be used in the subject and content of notification emails informing your recipients of the availability of the files.

Add a message (optional)

You can add a personalized message for your recipients. This message will be displayed in the notification e-mail telling them that new files are available.

Add a password (optional)

You can secure access to your file transfer by adding a password by clicking on "the padlock". Define your password, confirm it and validate by clicking on the "save" button. Only you will know the password associated with your file transfer. It is up to you to communicate it to your contacts and recipients to access the files.

Validate the sending of files

Once you have selected your files, you can validate the sending of your file transfer by clicking on "Send". Once your file upload is complete, you will be able to view the estimated numerical impact of your upload and its availability time. You will immediately receive a summary e-mail with the information about your file transfer.

Deletion option upon completion of the download

We have implemented a unique option: the automatic deletion of the transfer as soon as it is downloaded by the recipient. This option makes the transfer more environmentally friendly by drastically limiting the retention time of files on our servers and provides an additional guarantee of security. This option is currently only available for sending to a single recipient.

Using the Add-in for Outlook

Retrieving the Outlook Add-in

The FileVert add-in allows users to send FileVert files directly from the Outlook email client and thus reduce the environmental impact of attachments. You can integrate this add-in from the Microsoft Store. The add-in will then be available in the web application and in the desktop application.

Add this link in your customised add-in section :

Access the add-in from Outlook

To access the complement, open an e-mail. You will find the icon FileVert:
Version Web : In the interface for composing a new e-mail, the icon is in the lower right corner of the screen.
Desktop version : In the interface for composing a new e-mail, the icon is in the toolbar in the upper part of the interface.

Add files or folders

After clicking the FileVert for Outlook button, the context pane allows you to add files to be sent by clicking the "add files" or "add folder" button.

Integrate the sharing link by validating

Your files are directly uploaded on FileVert's secured servers, you just have to validate. The sharing link will be added to your email. Forgot some files ? No problem, you can add as many files as you need to your ephemeral storage space because your link remains unchanged.

My FileVert Pro and Solidarity management space

Consult my personal and team consumption follow-up

By accessing your personal space from the home page, you have the possibility to consult the estimated consumption follow-up of your FileVert : The amount of data transferred, the estimate of electricity consumption, and the CO2 emissions that this represents.

Export your consumption balance sheet

The global consumption monitoring can be exported in CSV format in the "activity" tab and via the "export my consumption balance" button. It gathers the information of each shipment made and its associated estimated energy impact.

Modify my information

In the tab "my profile" you can modify your personal information or that of your company by clicking on "edit". Changing your email address will ask you to confirm your account password. You can change your password by clicking on the "change my password" button. A confirmation email will be sent to the address associated with the account.

Configure my personalized page

In the tab "my profile" you can configure your personalized page by clicking on "edit". In "my personalized page" you have the possibility to add your logo, choose the atmosphere of your choice and add your personalized texts and links. The "reset" button allows you to go back to the original configuration of FileVert or of your team leader if you are a team member.

Access and manage my uploads

In the "Sending" tab you can consult all your sent files, as well as their status: Active or Deleted. This table allows you to delete your current transfers in order to make them inaccessible to your recipients at any time.

Receive files

Via the "Receive" tab, you can invite the recipient of your choice to drop files up to 20 GB in your FileVert drop box. When inviting, the recipient's email address and transfer name allows your recipients to receive a sharing invitation and easily identify the files you need. You can also view all of your received files, as well as their status: Active or Deleted.

View my current subscriptions

When you join FileVert, the "Subscriptions" section is available in your personal area. This page lists your active subscriptions and associated invoices. As a team leader, you can have several lines of active subscriptions.

Add members to my team

FileVert PRO allows you to add associated team members to your main account. When you join, you will first be registered as a single user. In order to add a new user to your team, you must subscribe to user credits that only you can manage. To do so, go to the "subscribe" page, then "update" my FileVert Pro subscription, and select the number of users you wish to add.

Specificity of team members

Team members have access to all the advantages of FileVert Pro, except the subscription and invoices page. The team member can customize his FileVert page but also use his team leader's page by resetting his configuration.

Cancel my subscription

As a FileVert Pro or Solidaire user, you can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the "do not renew my subscription" button. Cancellation will take effect on the expiry date of your subscription and your account will be deleted.

General Information

The nationality of the companies and the place where personal data is stored is a major issue to guarantee their protection in compliance with the European Data Protection Act and the French Data Protection Act (GDPR). FileVert and its servers are French and therefore subject to French and European law CNIL/RGPD. In order to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of data, all communications are carried out by secure https transfer via SSL EV protocol of higher level (green bar) and the stored files are encrypted: Storage encrypted in AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 bits). In addition, transfers at FileVert are ephemeral and are automatically deleted after the retention period.

FileVert is a responsible alternative to existing data transfer tools and is positioned as a concrete way to reduce the environmental digital footprint of data transfer and storage. 100% powered by renewable energy and using an innovative and economical cooling system, FileVert servers are configured to provide just the right amount of power and adapt the necessary resources according to demand. In an approach of sobriety, FileVert assesses the needs of its users as accurately as possible in order to provide a responsible service that raises awareness and enables the improvement of digital usage. And so that each transfer counts, FileVert contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions by supporting meaningful actions in the field and through carbon offsetting. FileVert is also a vector for raising awareness of the impact of digital technology as an awareness-raising tool that enhances the value of the user.

    When I use FileVert :
  • I understand the stakes of digital pollution,
  • I improve my uses and give me the means to act,
  • I pollute less and easily evaluate the GHG impact of my use,
  • I have access to a guide to good digital practices,
  • I can raise awareness in my community (relatives, clients, partners),
  • I donate part of my subscription to an association that fights for a cleaner planet.

FileVert is positioned as a sober and economical solution by offering a single function: the transit of data from point A to point B by adapting the resources to the most appropriate level. This is why :

  • An eco-designed solution,
  • Services and resources adjusted to the fairest use,
  • Limited storage time,
  • No rush for data volume,
  • No long-term storage,
  • No preview or file streaming,
  • No abusive notifications or e-mail.

With FileVert, non-subscribed users can send large files for free up to 2 GB per sending by getting a download link and all as quickly as possible without registration and without entering an email address.

The FileVert team does not consult the files you send if they respect the terms of use and no abuse is reported.

We use functional cookies to enhance your experience and facilitate the use of our services by allowing us to store your preferences and automatically log you in to our site. Thanks to these functional cookies, you can, among other things, automatically access your FILEVERT account and continue an interrupted order. We also use analytical cookies to understand how you use our site in order to continuously improve us. In order to ensure maximum confidentiality of our customers' personal data, we have chosen the Matomo platform whose philosophy regarding data ownership is simple, you own your data, no one else does.

FILEVERT is very concerned about the respect of your privacy and is committed to ensuring the highest level of protection for your personal data, in the strictest compliance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 as amended and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter "GDPR").

FileVert's servers are located in the Paris region.

FileVert does not use this type of service so that its users keep total control of their data. The servers of the web giants are widely used by companies operating file transfer and cloud computing in France. However, these information flows are subject to foreign regulations that expose European data.

You can contact FileVert using our contact form.

Send files

Once a file transfer has expired, it is automatically and permanently deleted from our servers. You cannot recover it.

2 GB of uploads per transfer as an "Interested" user (non-subscriber), 20 GB as a FileVert Pro or Solidairity user.

48h as an "Interested" user (non-subscriber), 7 days as a FileVert Solidaire user, and 15 days as a FileVert Pro user.

3 file transfers per day as an "Interested" user (non-subscriber), 20 file transfers per day as FileVert Solidaire. No daily limit for FileVert PRO accounts.

You can choose to send a file. You can also create an archive (zip, rar, tar, ...) on your computer and upload it.

Deleting transfers in progress is a feature available for FileVert Pro and Solidairity accounts.

The Outlook Add-in is a feature available for FileVert Pro and Solidaire accounts. It is directly downloadable via your Outlook mailbox in the Microsoft Store by typing FileVert in the search bar. You need to click on "add" to retrieve the add-in. Once the add-on is installed, you have the possibility to attach your files up to 20 GB by adding your files using the extension. Adding files will open the transfer interface and allow you to include your FileVert link directly in the body of your e-mail.

Upload files

You do not need a FileVert account to upload files.

No software is required to download files.

Using the "Download All" button, we automatically create an archive of the type To extract it, we recommend WinZip, WinRAR, 7zip and THE Unarchiver on MAC OS. You can also choose to download only the file(s) you want by dragging the scroll wheel to the bottom of the screen.

FileVert Pro and Solidairity

From your personal FileVert PRO space via the "Profile" tab, you have the possibility to configure "Your personalized page" by clicking on the "Edit" button. This section allows you to configure your home page to your image. From your computer, you can select your logo by uploading it using the "Browse" button, your background theme using the "palette" button, your personalized texts and website in the text input fields. Don't forget to save your configuration by clicking on "Save".

This feature is only available to FileVert Pro subscribers. From your personal space, via the "Receiving" tab, you can invite a recipient of your choice to drop files up to 20 GB in your FileVert drop box. During the invitation, the recipient's email address and transfer name allows your recipients to receive a sharing invitation and easily identify the files you need.

File reception is unlimited for FileVert Pro subscribers.

You can add 30 users per team.

FileVert accepts the following payment methods: CB / Visa / Mastercard / Amex

When you join FileVert, the "Subscriptions" section is available in your personal space. This page lists your active subscriptions and the associated invoices. You can have several lines of active subscriptions as a team leader.

File reception is unlimited for FileVert Pro subscribers.

You can add 30 users per team.

We do not store any personal data at the end of your subscription.

On the expiration date of your subscriptions, your account will be automatically deleted.

Sober uses

A virtuous solution, technically equivalent to that of the giants of the web in all simplicity. A service with the most accurate use of each to reduce your environmental impact. Information on the carbon footprint associated with each transfer for an awareness and accountability of uses. 100% French infrastructures operating in compliance with the RGPD and the recommendations of the CNIL. Encrypted transmission and storage, all transfers made are ephemeral with a retention period limited to a maximum of 15 days. Committed and unifying, FileVert Pro allows you to personalize your page and monitor your consumption in order to give meaning to your social commitments.

Access FileVert from your favorites, Create a download link or e-mail by dragging your ideally compressed files into the interface, Choose the option to delete directly at the end of the recipient's download, View our estimate of the digital footprint related to your transfers and find out about the carbon reduction certificates subscribed by FileVert, Leverage your dashboard and easily manage your shares, Invite your contacts to send you files on your account by offering a responsible, rewarding and French solution.

Install the plugin for your Outlook mailbox to send your attachments with FileVert and thus guarantee limited and French storage.

It all depends on your uses and your internal policy. FileVert is not a collaborative cloud storage solution, but an ephemeral file transfer service. It's an ideal tool to perform secure and ephemeral transfers to known and unknown third parties on your network in three clicks. FileVert can be a main solution but also complementary to your existing internal solutions.

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FileVert is remunerated using its paying accounts only, in order to offer you a sober service that meets your needs exclusively.

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How to participate in the improvement of FileVert tools?

You can use this questionnaire on the website to answer our questions (french) FileVert Feedback and share with us your ideas for improvements and your opinions.

How do I convince my company to use FileVert?

You can download the presentation document of FileVert dedicated to companies and share it.

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